helping hospitals grow their relationship with staff, patients and physicians by moving the conversation online
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  • how we can help

    coaching it

    the tools are free and the time is right

    Let’s rekindle that two-way relationship together. If you or your organization are passionate about what you do, we want be your friend.

    It is all about authenticity – whether you are staking out your first online presence or meeting your critics head on. We are excited about coaching those opportunities.

    Let us help you strike up a new friendship with your employees, patients and physicians.

    Our Services

    Introduction to social media

    an analytical introduction to the tools for and importance of creating an honest dialogue with your patients, employees and physicians, brainstorm ways to integrate this new dialogue with your existing marketing toolkit, learn how to promote the good things and gracefully to criticisms online


    discovering how to own the perception


    work with department and organizational leaders on writing effective blog posts, promoting them and interacting with their audience


    one on one introduction to Twitter, how to reach people in 140 characters and reply openly


    start a “wow wall”, share photos, connect with patients and employees on the biggest social network

    The rest…

    let us help you stream video on YouTube, start an internal dialogue with Yammer, make the most of a forum and join the conversation with your market wherever it is happening

    Making IT fit

    IT Integration

    collaborate with IT teams to make sure access to external sites is implemented in a way that is compatible with the mission of the organization